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Today's incentive systems

The two most important business models that originated out of this need are the advertisement model and the paywall model. Both have good and bad sides:
The advertisement model dominates the web. However, it has been wreaking havoc around the world, as it incentivizes clickbait, creates filter bubbles and hyper-personalization, makes fake news and hate speech profitable, enables political influencing on a mass scale, separates us into polarized realities and in the worst case can lead to real life harm.

Paywalls are no alternative as they fuel inequality, fragment the web, and go against freedom of information as well as the Internet’s original promise of open knowledge. Plus, it’s not the best idea to put the “truth” behind paywalls while the “lies” spread for free.

We need a new solution.

Freedom. For all.

What has been described so far is our proposition for decentralizing and democratizing media by distributing the decision of what is important to the people. The desired outcome would be that important voices get heard regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they have. This should bring wider awareness to systemic issues many people face especially in lower-income countries, which should inspire action and positive change, leading to more freedom for everyone.

Because we are only truly free when everyone else is too.

Help us shape the dream.

Help us find find answers.

This was the Q&A after our presentation at rC3.
Watch full presentation >

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