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How it all started.

Vardon Hamdiu used to skim through around 400 news articles almost every morning during his five years of work at the Swiss FDHA, essentially functioning as a human filter. During the same time, he worked with refugees for six months and lived in South Africa for another six months.

The disconnect between the stories he read every morning and the ones he experienced and heard of in those 12 months made him realize that something is completely wrong with media today. It is not democratized, it is not the people who decide what is important, and that is why the most urgently needed voices do not get heard.

So, he set out on a quest to help change that. And build an alternative business model for media. 

On that quest he met Ninja Hoffmann, a specialist in ethics and democracy, and together they ("we") co-founded the non-profit association Butterfy.  

This should not be about individuals.
Help us make that true.

We are already supported by a small community of people with different areas of expertise who provide us with mentoring, technical advice, consulting, help in expanding reach, and more.

However, we urgently need you. By becoming a part of the project you make it more decentralized and diverse.

Currently, we are most urgently looking for backend and frontend developers to build Butterfy into a web application. But you can help us in any way you would like.
Just drop us an email and quickly let us know how you would like to help.

Don't worry, we don't bite! :)
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