First Run: Stages 1 & 2 open

Enough of the noise.
Let's build a world designed to make us grow.

Butterfy is a fundamentally new system for finding and rewarding meaningful content. Decentralized, self-sustaining, open. Healthy and substantial, instead of toxic and sensational. No more paywalls and advertisements, no more attention and data mining.

The reinvention of media's business model is necessary to achieve this: 

Important stories and voices must get heard regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they have

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We are doing a first run of Butterfy (while developing the full system).

Let's find the signal within the noise. Submit a meaningful link and then get sent to Stage 2 where you see other people's valuable submissions.
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We are using Typeform for our first run, while developing the full system. Please be aware that Typeform's privacy policy applies. We generally recommend rejecting all non-essential cookies and accessing the web with anonymizing tools like the Tor Browser or a VPN service.

How will it work?

Content is crowd-filtered in 4 stages. You start at stage 1 and move further if you curate content that people at the next stage deem meaningful.

In stages 1 & 2 you see all content for free in return for filtering. If you do that well (and only if you want to) you are allowed to move to stages 3 & 4 where the content quality is much higher. And there you pay only for the pieces that you find meaningful. Those pieces then go to the next stage.

Crucial: The money is always split and goes directly back to the content creator, the people who filtered that piece of content for you, and the platform.

Why should I use it?

Questions & Answers

This was the Q&A after our presentation at rC3.
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News & Updates

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What Butterfy is not

Butterfy is not a social network or anything like that.

It aims to become an alternative to social media and traditional media. Similar to how a place with healthy food is an alternative to a fast food chain. Butterfy wants to amplify deep, meaningful, substantial content. However, there is always a use case for other forms of media like Twitter which feeds you bite-sized news almost instantly.

So, to quickly serve you with short news about the project we use Twitter.

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