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Let's get rid of the noise.
By reinventing media.

Media and tech companies want to make money. We do not pay for content, so they turn us into the product. They sell our attention to advertisers. And optimize their algorithms to show us the things that make us click.

We end up with clickbait, filter bubbles, polarization, and radicalized separate realities undermining democracy.

To change that, we need to fix the root problem by designing a new business model for media in which the goal is not to make money but to find the best content. The meaningful drops within the ocean of distraction.

This must be a decentralized model that gives the power of deciding what is shown, what is important, to the people instead of centralized for-profit companies. And it must be a system in which you do not have to pay for anything if you do not think it is worth it.

That is what we are trying to build.
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Lay an Egg.
By submitting a meaningful link.

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Make meaningful Eggs into Caterpillars.

Find interesting content and vote on its potential impact.
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What Butterfy is not

Butterfy is not a social network or anything like that.

It aims to become an alternative to social media and traditional media. Similar to how a place with healthy food is an alternative to a fast food chain. Butterfy wants to amplify deep, meaningful, substantial content. However, there is always a use case for other forms of media like Twitter which feeds you bite-sized news almost instantly.

So, to quickly serve you with short news about the project we use Twitter.

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