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Healthy food for our minds.

The Vision of Butterfy is to create a more insightful information environment by conscious and responsible design. Butterfy starts as a crowd-curated collection of insightful links. To make it free of advertisements or other third-party interests, we invented a redistributive incentive system (a.k.a. business model) with voluntary circular subscriptions. All designed not-for-profit but for-a-better-information-environment.  

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How it works

"Butterfy" the content. And yourself.

Submit links to content that had a lasting positive impact on you, those links are now Eggs. See all Eggs others have submitted and at the end of each month select the top 7 most insightful Eggs you want to make into Caterpillars. Choose to go to the next level yourself, and see only Caterpillars, meaning less but better content.

We become what we feed ourselves.

Our attention is our life. Can we build a platform designed to respect that and to make us grow instead of scroll?

Transformation takes time. And effort.

Submitted content links start as Eggs and only transform into the next stage if enough people vote on them. Ultimately, the most selected content links will become a Butterfy.

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7 voting criteria.
For a better information environment.

Butterfy aims to amplify content links that:

1. Are constructive
2. Broaden horizons
3. Expand knowledge
4. Challenge existing beliefs
5. Induce personal growth
6. Foster mutual understanding
7. Bring lasting insight

Less but better.

Butterfy collects links to existing content. Reducing and consolidating the good content already out there, instead of creating new noise.

Almost no social features. That's a feature.

Butterfy is not a social network. It's focused on the message, not the messenger. The content, not the person. So, you cannot follow people or see their preferred content. This should counter echo chambers where you hear only what you already think and believe. It should also level the playing field, giving every person the same chance of amplifying insightful content. Even if they don't have millions of followers.


Vision meets design.

Butterfy is designed consciously and responsibly to work towards one goal: the creation of a better digital environment.

Equality of Opportunity

If you have insightful links to share and they meet the 7 criteria, you should get heard no matter who or where you are.

Separation of Powers

No user level has more power than others, also not the paying levels. Because they get to choose only from content links brought to them by the previous levels, over which they have no control.

Randomness & Diversity

Selectively induced randomness helps to ensure diversity and to prevent power structures from forming. It's designed to keep Butterfy dynamic and diverse.


Quality requires time. Butterfy is a slow-content platform designed to prevent virality and short-term clickbait, in order to make space for the more timeless content.

Voluntary Circular Subscriptions

All content links can be accessed freely and openly. But, you can choose to voluntarily pay a monthly contribution for the privilege of seeing less but better links at the later content stages. Your contribution is split and redistributed to all who submitted and filtered the content for you, as well as the platform. This fuels Butterfy's circular incentive system.

Free and Open Source

Butterfy's Redistributive Incentive System means there is no need for ads or anything else which goes against the Vision. So, there is no need to hide anything like big tech usually does. This frees the project to be transparent, open and private-by-design. Everyone can participate in shaping and improving Butterfy, so that it truly becomes a project for the people by the people.


Butterfy's design decentralizes the power of amplification transparently to the people. Mid-term, the goal is to decentralize Butterfy on a technical level as well, building it on top of a blockchain. This should help, among other things, to make it impossible for power to accumulate in too few hands.

Never-ending improvement

Every feature of Butterfy is designed not to make profit but to help achieve the Vision of a better information environment. This means, we together are free to continously and endlessly change and improve every aspect of this project.

Screenshot of pre-alpha version.


A giant dream. Starting small.

The Vision of Butterfy is a better information environment. The first step in trying to get there is a pre-alpha version built by amazing volunteers.

Test it by discovering the content links others have sent in and by submitting your own.

Discover and submit links

Review the code on GitHub >

Alpha coming soon

Working on the next version.  

Butterfy is looking for frontend and backend web developers to help build the next steps.

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Improve the code on GitHub >


Ready to grow. If you are too.

Butterfy can only become resilient against polarization, bias, hate speech and other attacks, if it is run by a worldwide democratic and diverse community of people with different views and backgrounds. As long as they are united by one thing: their willingness to grow. This project is open to learn from everyone who is open to learn.

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Stay informed

Small tech. Present on big tech.

Today's big tech is made to quickly serve short-term news. That's why we use it every now and then to inform about the newest developments of Butterfy.

Updates, mostly about events


More participatory, with polls, etc.


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Updates, mostly about events


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